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The Mendocino Ranch, aka The Mendocino Stone Zone, was started in 2002 by our late founder, Peter Joseph Mullins.


When Peter Mullins first bought his retirement home in Gualala, California, it was a simple one bedroom cabin on 5 acres in the woods. But as a big man with big dreams, that simply would not do! Today the Stone Ranch expands to 50 acres and sleeps 25+ in 3 different areas around the estate. The property showcases his life long collections of tile, brick and stone and displays the results of his daily work; clearing brush and trimming trees. He did this to create a more fire safe environment ..with the added benefit of making room for more stones!  The Stone Ranch of today is a magical retreat in a manicured forest of native plants and trees, where pebble lined paths lead through a lifted canopy of trees to feats of masterful masonry. Rocks shoot up from the earth around every corner. It is a delight of discovery for people of all ages. This was Peters greatest hope; to share the joy , excitement and enchantment he felt walking through his “stone zone”.


On the Mendocino Stone Ranch property you will find Peter’s hand picked collections. There are fossilized mudstone, that date back millions of years, which he gathered from a beach front  family property in Aptos , Ca. You will also find the rounded red remnants from a defunct tile and brick factory on Catalina Island. Peter was captivated when he first saw the ocean tumbled brick and tile rolling in the tide line,  splashing the beach with color. He brought 5 gallon buckets every time he visited after that, and ferried home with his buckets full. He was mesmerized by what he gathered and kept them with him, moving from city home to city home, LA to San Francisco; and finally to their present spot at the Mendocino Stone Ranch where they could be spread throughout the land.  


Peter traveled the country to pursue other collections as well. As you walk through the Stone Ranch, you are walking through decades of Peter’s explorations. He enjoyed finding stone in quarries, and tiles from the makers. He liked the hard-scape appeal of the crushed brick out of Southern California and the mica quartzite schist from the Mojave. Peter would meet artists and stone yards he wanted to support and continued to do so, filling his home and property. He relished in the business of connecting with people the product they supplied. 


Peter enjoyed art, brick, tile, and rocks all his life, but it wasn't until he saw an article on Dan Snow in the New York Times with a picture of his beautiful dry stone wall, that the spark for dry stack masonry was lit. Peter was fascinated and wanted more. He soon found a well respected mason, George Gonzales, out of Bolinas Ca who led him to a world wide group of stone people called The Stone Foundation. Peter eagerly joined. There, under the leadership of Tomas Lipps, a yearly symposium of masons would teach, present, and construct legacy projects in each place they gathered. Peter went to every event . Though he was not a mason, he was a self identified "groupie" and rock lover who had the means, the Gradall  , and the property to provide space and move stone for his new friends to create.. Through the Stone Symposium held in Santa Fe, he was introduced to the Red Romero Sandstone. He loved the color of these giant “sticks” and what people were doing with it. He ordered some instantly to ship back to Mendocino County. It is one of the main stones featured around the Stone Ranch property. He painted his house to match.


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